How to transfer dive data from paladin to PC using infrared interface (Win2k/XP):

I'm happy user of Uwatec "Aladin Air Z O2", original DataTrak software and Palm III with great software utility paladin with much more features than original memomouse. Unfortunately new notebooks come without serial ports. I had to solve problem how to transfer data from paladin do PC.

Ofcourse you can get cheap USB<->Serial converter but  who wants to carry one more pregnant cable? Older versions of Windows could emulate serial port using IrDA, with 2k/XP it's possible thanks to great IrComm2k utility by Jan Kiszka. Here comes my short "HowTo":

  1. Download and install "IrComm2k".You'll see new serial port in your device manager:

    You can leave port properties untouched.
  2. Choose this port in DataTrak (Options - Serial Port):

  3. Change Options-Connection so that Paladin sends data using IrComm:

  4. That's all. Let's send some data to PC. Align Palm and PC so that infrared beamers can see each other and click on Send.

  5. Wait until Palm and PC see each other:
  6. Click "F5" in DataTrak

That's it. Miroslav